Thursday, December 25, 2014

Odds and Ends

So officially we're on winter break and the club will not meet up again until January. It's also reregistration time. This had led me to imagine a few scenarios. Bear in mind I'm drawing from a pool of about 250 elementary school kids in fourth and fifth grade.

1. All the kids who are interested already are coming.

2. I lose a few kids due to scheduling and/or not interesting them enough

3. I have wonderful word of mouth and lots more kids try to register forcing me to cap the enrollment.

4. A few more kids who didn't sign up the first time show up because we're now starting in the official manner rather than a month late.

It turns out the answer appears to be #4. Tentatively we're at 18 kids for the next quarter which is at about my capacity to handle. Last time a few kids appeared each week so I'll see if that happens again or not. I don't really like saying no so I'm hoping that it isn't the case.


When I talked with previous coach, she gave me a list of all the contests the club went to last year. AMC 8 was not on the list and I assumed that was because it was not open to kids below sixth grade or like Math Counts had restricted times one could participate. . It turns out that is not the case. It occurred last month so we're not going to participate this year. However, all the questions were posted online at:

So I'm excited to use them as take home exercises over the next month or two and double check them as a group.  Tentatively I think I'll give out 5 questions a week since most kids don't have enough time or interest to do a lot of work in between meetings. Stay tuned: It will be very interesting to see how everyone does on them.

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