Friday, December 26, 2014

Puzzle for the break

I love breaking substitution ciphers. I sent one out before the first meeting in the fall and I decided I would do another one before our second quarter.

Ptdegft mg mat pkhmtc vxqcmtc. Atct'n q mpg bqcm bxiidt. Ykcnm: Rtekbatc makn vxgmt ycgf Qdket kh Pghrtcdqhr. Qdket nqun, “Dtm ft ntt: ygxc mkftn ykzt kn mptdzt, qhr ygxc mkftn nko kn makcmtth, qhr ygxc mkftn ntzth kn–ga rtqc! K naqdd htztc ltm mg mpthmu qm maqm cqmt!” Nteghrdu: Nthr ft wqej q fqkd mtddkhl patmatc makn kn egfbdtmt hghnthnt gc ky matct kn q pqu km fqjtn nthnt qhr agp. Ntt ugx nggh Wth

To get started here's a page with a copy of the letter frequency chart in english:

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