Thursday, April 2, 2015

4/2 Math Night

Tonight was the annual school Math Night. Since we didn't have a math club meeting until next week this was a fun filler activity to participate in.  I was also hoping to do a little recruiting for next year among the 3rd and 4th graders. About half of my kids volunteered to man the tables and I brought some easy kenken puzzles and a sample math olympiad. It turns out I vastly overestimated the number of handouts needed about 20 of each would have sufficed.  For future reference, we need a table that's closer to the library where everyone naturally drifted towards or in the Cafeteria where they were serving refreshments. Overall I think the kids had fun but we mostly saw 2nd graders and younger so it was not as targeted an event as I hoped.

On an unrelated but fun note I've found another triangle number problem to add to the set I've been collecting involving dominos and dot counting. So I'm leaning heavily towards that for the subject of next week.

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