Monday, July 20, 2015

Voronoi Diagrams

After a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago I've become interested in whether voronoi diagrams would make a fun exercise topic for the club.

So far I'm not sure if they are accessible or not. Philosophically I haven't really touched topics where the actual math is beyond the kids. I know that watching videos on numberphile even for more advanced topics that can only be summarized and described still interests my own kids. So a day organized around these diagrams might work despite the lack of theoretical underpinnings.

Looking on the internet, I've found the following activity which looks cool but is aimed at High School:  The reliance on circumscribing triangles
and perpendicular bisectors are probably blockers.

I could also probably walk everyone through the construction process which is kind of a neat art project.  f I had computers we could use several different programs to generate these as well. This is also potentially an extension of a tiling exercise, something I hope to touch next year. Finally in theory, I could have everyone come up with approaches to efficiently dividing an area around a set of  points  over half the time and then guide them through the process in the back half especially with a set of protractors.

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