Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A quiet week


I'm really starting to miss interacting with the kids and there are still nearly 8 weeks to go before we start up. In reality, there's not much that needs to be done in the summer.  Already I've been assigned a room number and fixed the enrollment cost for next quarter. I think we're the cheapest activity since I just try to cover my parking costs, entry fees and supplies.  I've also signed up to man a table on Back To School night and need to fine tune my club blurb for next year. Finally, I've been working on singing up to administer the AMC8 in the fall. Exposing the kids to the AMC8 is one of my new goals for the year.


Here's what I had last year mostly based on the previous volunteers wording:

"Math Club is a great place for 4th and 5th graders who enjoy math, are interested in more challenging problems and/or math competitions."

This is okay but I'm hoping to really improve it. Here's my current draft:

"Are you hungry for more math? Math club is looking for fourth and fifth graders who enjoy puzzles, challenge problems and spending an hour after school with others who share their passion. We will be exploring a variety topics from geometry to a little number number theory to combinatorics. There will also be a chances to compete in contests like the MOEMS Math Olympiad."


Last year since we started late and did not have a classroom until the end of October I ended up sending out some teaser problems for those who were excited to start (besides myself).  

I've saved them here:

I'm going to reuse them again this year but instead point those who are interested to try them out before signing up.  I will definitely update the encoded message so its topical. I figure this will let the kids and parents see what I'm aiming at and hopefully attract those kids who are.

Link for a problem with an interesting meld of graph theory and number theory:
The blog above already did an excellent write up.

Corny Joke:

Why did the Chicken cross the mobius strip? To get to the other ... er ... oh never mind.


  1. Two suggestions:
    (1) have teachers actively suggest students who would enjoy/benefit from the math club
    (2) have a sample activity or puzzle (or several) at your table

    1. Yes I didn't go into the specifics but just like at math night I'll be bringing puzzles for everyone to try out on Back To School night.

      I already had one teacher encouraging kids to come to the club from last year. I'm probably not going to pursue that avenue any farther mostly because I think I have ~10 prospectives based on independent inquiries and I only have space for about 5 more members. Given that the pool is about 250 kids that shouldn't be too hard to fill (last year I never needed to work much at recruitment.) Although this has never happened I actually worry about drumming up lots of interest and having to turn people away.