Thursday, March 24, 2016

3/22 Winter Game Day

I had to hold back a laugh this week. While waiting for everyone to arrive in the cafeteria, one of the kids asked if we were going to have pie again. "If you join Math Club next year during the spring, I'll be serving pie for 2017 Pi Day." I replied. Never underestimate the power of  baked goods.

More seriously this was our last session for the Winter. We switch over without a break next week to the new term. I'm very pleased that my reaching out to the teachers and every parent I knew seems to have paid off. The number of girls will rise to 1/3 of the club. I will continue to do some recruiting from now on before the enrollment periods.

We started the session with a quick survey of what activities the kids liked during this term. Many of the weeks project were mentioned but by far the winner was: Fold And Cut. From there we reviewed the problem of the week:

The question is what is the area of the shaded region?  My volunteers all found variants on the same idea. If you draw a parallel line through the center dot. Then you can find the area of the two sub parallelograms since its twice the area of the embedded triangles.

The games choices for today were a bit limited by supplies. Right now most of my house is packed up due to a house renovation so I chose dots again, a logic puzzle from, the game of 24 cards  and to try out checkers stacks. See:

We didn't really have enough checkers for everyone to try at once so for this session I just had the kids try out the basic rules and think about strategies. My plan is to return on a further day and start talking about the optimization strategy and if that goes well to branch into surreal numbers properly.

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