Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In Which I start to Organize

We're about 3 weeks out from the start of Math Club and there's a fair amount of organization to do. One big initiative this year has been growing to two instructors and two rooms.
  • The school only assigned one room so I have to fix that up.
  • Although we still only charge $45 per head, I need a more formal structure to deal with finances. Hopefully its not too hard to form a non-profit org.
  • Recruiting I've sent out my email to the teachers to try to bring the number of girls participating up again, It would be great to reach 50/50 again.
  • Confirm whether fingerprinting is needed or not.
  • I still need a good rhythm for planning with the expansion.

On the positive side: 18 students have already signed up after 1 day. I was a bit worried that I was going to lose many to soccer practice etc.

Update: I'll be at 25 students for the first quarter. I'm pleased that a lot of last year's fourth graders are coming back. I also lucked out and procured another classroom so we can run two proper sessions. This has probably used up all of my building karma for the year.

Ideas for the first day.

  • Play Buzz again.  Cons: if a lot of kids return that may be less fun.
  • Sara VanDerWerf's 100 game.  https://saravanderwerf.com/2015/12/07/100-numbers-to-get-students-talking/
  • Math Biographies. Cons: writing intensive. This depends on the students who sign up. With lots of repeats I feel like I mathematically understand the kids already.
  • Dot pattern / equations. ala: http://fawnnguyen.com/first-day-lessons/  I like the dot patterns where you predict what comes next and then model an equation.
  • Untangle the human knot. Need to get some specific starting points or investigate outcomes.

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