Monday, November 28, 2016

Photo Diary of my visit to MoMath (Natl. Museum of Math)

The highlight of my recent trip to New York for Thanksgiving was a chance to get into Manhattan and finally checkout MoMath with my sons. I really wish we had something comparable here in Seattle. The exhibits were all very interactive and well suited to grade school kids. Not surprisingly, given its visual nature there was a heavy focus on geometry.

Robot swarm that followed the kids based on the color of the vest they wore. The algorithm was programmable from a station.

Life-size hinged polygon. Now I'm a square, now I'm a triangle.,

Tessellation puzzles.

Harmony of the spheres.

Lifesize rotating maze.In this one you had to cross a red line, blue line and then a white one. (This was one of the few activities I could actually replicate using painter's tape.)

Interactive multiplication parabola sculpture. You chose the 2 numbers to multiply and the connection lit up.

Painting with symmetry. 

Position/elocity interactive game. The kids ran back and forth to make it through a series of gates on the screen.


Galileo's curve. This was adjustable and you timed the cart going down the track.

Square bicycle.

Mobius curve race track. There was a steering wheel and camera view for each of the cars.

Doorway with the obligatory pi handles. 

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