Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3/21 Graph Pebbling

This week I went back to a pure math circle format with my favorite activity from the recent Julia Robinson Festival: Graph Pebbling. Based on my experiences at the festival I thought it would occupy 30-40 minutes so I decided to do a warm up puzzle as well. Initially I had considering doing a battleship puzzle (see: but I found a tweet from Sarah Carter that looked interesting about slant puzzles:  These have a fairly simple set of rules: put a line through every cross and make sure to have the requested number of lines connecting to each square with a number. Unmarked square are free and can have any number of connections.

Simple is often good though. All the kids really liked them:

We then transitioned to graph pebbling: The full rules are here:   A series of graphs are included as well as 5 variations. For Math Club I used lima beans again as "knights"

My only issue was I have one table of boys that are harder to keep on task. I tried separating them a bit this time which didn't quite work but I may do it again next week but from the start. They're not disruptive per. se but they are distracting each other and only stay on task when I come over and work with them.


A fun factoring / number theory problem for this week:

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