Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Teasers for this year

Things are moving along. I have a provisional process to get going in 3 weeks and I've sent out the initial signup forms.

Some of the challenges so far:

  • Pickup policy.  Without any backup I'm having parents give permission for everyone to self-release.
  • Fees.  Its harder to collect money under the new structure. I still have to check on the reimbursement process as well.
  • Gender Balance - this is looking promising so far this year. I'll see when the actual signups start coming in. 
  • Age balance - Initially I'm seeing most of the interest come from 6th and 8th graders.  If that turns out to be the final split its going a bit more difficult planning-wise. I'm already starting to think about how to directly deal with getting kids to work with / respect younger/older peers.

Here are my teaser problems for this year.

Inline image 1

There are 100 people in line to board a plane with 100 seats. The first person has lost their boarding pass, so they take a random seat. Everyone that follows takes their assigned seat if it's available, but otherwise takes a random unoccupied seat. What is the probability the last passenger ends up in their assigned seat?

Inline image 3

Friday, September 1, 2017

Status Updates


School is about to start next week and I am still trying to get all the logistics in place for this year. Hopefully by next week I'll have made contact with the ASB coordinator and have an idea when things will start, how to advertise etc.  I'm definitely getting excited/antsy and am ready to interact with kids again.

[Update] - I put out a FB post on the school page and have already generated 11 inquiries of interest including several girls. So far so good.

To Do:

  • payment process
  • pickup procedure
  • Remember to offer to email students directly now.


My new revised repository of interesting internet problems is here:  The new version has my custom note button, some rough levelling  and proper attributions.

Of Note:

Found on FB, original source unknown. I like this one as a starter. [With the numbers switched up a bit]