Friday, September 1, 2017

Status Updates


School is about to start next week and I am still trying to get all the logistics in place for this year. Hopefully by next week I'll have made contact with the ASB coordinator and have an idea when things will start, how to advertise etc.  I'm definitely getting excited/antsy and am ready to interact with kids again.

[Update] - I put out a FB post on the school page and have already generated 11 inquiries of interest including several girls. So far so good.

To Do:

  • payment process
  • pickup procedure
  • Remember to offer to email students directly now.


My new revised repository of interesting internet problems is here:  The new version has my custom note button, some rough levelling  and proper attributions.

Of Note:

Found on FB, original source unknown. I like this one as a starter. [With the numbers switched up a bit]

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