Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10/10 Middle School

In a careless move I deleted my original post on this one. Here's a skeleton version until I have time to rewrite it.

  • Bylaws and ASB officer election
  • Demographics
  • 4 color map problem game.
Divide kids into 2 teams. I had group of 2-3 per team. Give each one a different colored marker. Then
take turns drawing dots on the whiteboard and then connecting the dots to form a "map". It works best if there aren't any overly small shapes.  After that the real game starts. Take turns now coloring in the map segments. The only rule is you can't touch a segment of your own color. The first team that can force the other side to not have a move wins.
  • 3 squares: pick 3 numbers such that any 2 add to a square.
  • Leveling/Behavior
  • Outlook so far

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