Wednesday, June 6, 2018

6/5 Woven Math

I've been wanting to do this math/art project since I first saw Allison's artwork on twitter. I finally had enough time to practice and find the supplies.  Once you gain experience its possible to make all of the Platonic solids but 1 or perhaps 2 basic shapes are probably a good target for the first time.

  • 2 large poster boards sufficed for 15 kids and I think could have easily made twice as many structures.
  • We spent about 45 minutes and everyone made 1 or 2 projects.
  • Keep repeating over/under at each step and make sure to look for the correct woven pattern before taping.

Preparing strips ahead of time would be great but it was too time consuming so I had the kids bring rulers and scissors and built in time for prep work. We ended up dividing into drafter, cutter and weaver teams. As the strip cutters built up enough supply, I switched them over to weaving.

We used 1/2 inch strips that were 5 inches long.  You could probably go an inch or so longer. The kids liberally secured each joint with tape.



The basic weaving joint.


Add 3 more to make a double cross.   And then 2 more to make the first triangle.

2 more strips to reach the second triangle and 1 more to make the half ball. Finally join  the tricky last 4 strips.

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