How To Get Started Running a Math Club

Getting Started

I inherited my group: background which in many ways made things easier. If you're starting from scratch there are actually a few great places with some checklists.

  1. One of our local high schools has this manual:
  2. Math Circle in a box (one of the first documents I read):   
  3. Natural math has a really cool quiz to help clarify what your goals are:
In my mind, these are the actually the easy parts. Things become harder when you actually start meeting and going out to lead a group and try planning out activities. That's the area I mostly focus on in this blog.

Here's a few pointers into some of my past writing:
  1. Resource Page: This is where I collect other sites I've found useful: Resources. At the bottom of the page I've embedded links to my activity maps for the year (which are *mostly* up to date)
  2. My mega post on  what I learned over the first year: I'm a big fan of improvement through reflection.
  3. Looking back through the blog most of the posts with a date in the title reflect a log of what I did at that session and how it went. I try to focus on both mechanics. I.e. this took 20 minutes,  evaluation of how well the activities went and thoughts on what I could personally improve on. 

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